Monday, April 03, 2006


Random musings

Old Irishmen are drunken passive aggresives. I know all too well being 100% Irish.

Would you like to come over and care for my yard? I think I need a husband because yard work is too much for me to handle...
i'm addicted to taking care of my lawn. It has to be the best on the entire street. Call it a sickness but since i always do lawn work while having a beer(s) you would have to promise to give me a few cold ones on demand.

How about a post from the Blonde on the nature of the Irish. I only know one that is 100% Irish and man oh man can she pound down the wine.
My father was an immigrant, and my mother is first generation here. You can't imagine what I grew up with. Pure insanity. The Irish are crazy.

My grandmother is the most colorful Irish person alive. She is a living, breathing, one woman show. My dad was the same way.\

BTW, you take care of my yard and I will let you lick Makers Mark off me anytime.
I would reconsider as I do like to drink my Makers Mark s-l-o-w-l-y.
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