Saturday, March 25, 2006


Who is John Galt?

Around this time of year without a break in the weather (I really enjoy being outside) I seem to go into some kind of funk.

Seems to be no cure for it. There's only so much reading and blog browsing one can do. What the soul needs is an ice cold beer OUTSIDE while smoking a fine cigar (I even do this while fertilizing my lawn).

Hope does spring up when I see a baseball game on television. There's something about watching baseball that makes life slow down a bit. Maybe it's the memories of my father taking me to the games. I can't wait to take a small road trip and watch the Toledo Mud Hens.

On to books. I do love to read. At the moment it is Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". I've only tackled the first chapter but I like it so far. The title of this post comes from this book.

Drinking - I've cut waaaaayyyyy down this year as I think i need to lose 5 pounds (or so my jeans tell me). Tough to do with the weather being so awful.

I did try one very interesting beer for a polish dinner I went to. It's Zywiec.

I was skeptical but I do recommend it to others. Quite yummy.

P.S. Thanks to the infamous, racktakular Blonde for the gentle nudge to post again. I was getting lazy big time. Have a good weekend.

Thanks for the shout out, Dave :).

I got that poker shirt in a women's store in Philly last November. It was the last one left, and as you can tell by the pic it is a little tight across the rack. I have had people emailing me offering to by that shirt from me. I love it to much to part with it. I am wearing it in Vegas in May...hopefully, someone will want to hold 'em. Nicki Hilton (Paris' sister) put out a shirt that has Queen Cards on it and it is all beaded. I guess it is a shout to a pair of Queens being called "Hilton Sisters". I paid like $60 for it.

I missed your posts and comments on my blog. If you are ever in Philly, I will take you to a baseball game and show you a good time.

Welcome Back
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