Sunday, February 05, 2006


Superbowl Day Musings

This is it Steeler's Fans!

As I write this near Detroit I offer the following observations:

Other random thoughts:

I give the shout out to IndependentGrl!. Girl - I will look towards the East and make a toast to a fellow Steelers fan during the game today. Hope you can do the same by making a toast towards the West.

God Bless America and Go Steelers!!!!

Canadian strippers are the best in the world. No challenge there.

I passed on going to the Bowl this year because I didn't want to go to Detroit. I don't think the city has what it takes to entertain the masses for a week.

Go Steelers!
this week it would have but normally no except during the Summer.
Dave, thanks for the shout out and yes, I raised quite a few glasses to every direction last night. The Nation (Steeler that is) can hold their heads up and give a thumbs up to anyone who walks past them. We did, and the world got to see just how powerful the Nation was when we dominated the stands. Was totally awesome to see!
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