Friday, December 23, 2005


You know those aren't real, right?

I have never, ever found a good way to answer this question.

Let's say you are with your girlfriend and you both are watching TV. A hot babe comes on the screen with a pretty face, hot body and larger than average boobs.

Your girlfriend says, "you know those aren't real, right?". She's not being mean or anything. Just trying to make ya squirm a bit.

How on earth does one respond to that question in a clever way?

You say, I don't really care if they are real or not...I like yours better. Will get you laid every time!

Go Steelers!
Excellent retort!! Thanks ind-grl.
You just respond, "I know". She is just pointing it out in a negative way to get some reassurance from you. Lame.

I am a different kind of girlfriend, I always point out hot chicks and say...did you see how hot she is? she has a great ass! she is racktacular!

All beauty should be admired and appreciated. I am totally secure in myself to do that. Does is really matter if they are fake or real? I don't think so.

Happy Holidays
They broke the mold when they made you, Blonde.

Your attitude about this is terrific.

May Santa bring you what you want...
Um....I want Santa to bring me a guy that is not insecure, lots of fun, makes me laugh and has huge junk.

If that is All Things Dave, then Santa knows where to deliver you to ;). I am on his naughty list, but it's all good.

BTW, I got my guy friend (not boyfriend) porn and took him to Delilah's Den (Philly strip club) for lap dances. I am all about giving.

Happy Holidays to you to, my friend.
I'll FedEX myself to the Philly area ASAP.

Ah porn, the gift that keeps on giving!

The strip clubs here have gotten quite boring - they really cracked down on what the dancers can do.
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