Wednesday, December 28, 2005


On Makers Mark's Bottle Design

While playing some ring at Pokerstars and drinking a (Christmas Gift Bottle) of Maker's Mark I began to wonder:

Do they put the wax on the stem of the bottle so you can grip it easier especially after you have had a few?

Yes, that is why it is there. It makes you not want to put the bottle down, as well.

Covering myself in Makers Mark for NYE and hoping someone wants to lick it off of me. Starting the new year off like that would be fabulous...
Not quite sure about the Makers Mark, but I know that's why I cover myself in wax (just kidding).

Hope you have a wonderful 2006 and go Steelers!
Are you ever posting here again?

I know. I have neglected my blog and my new "blog buddies". I'm transfering to a different division of my company and have just been swamped.

Then I had the flu/cold for the past month and have mainly either been working or sleeping.

Anything I can do to nurse you back to health????
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