Thursday, December 08, 2005


About To Get Pounded With Snow

I see shoveling in my future. Calling for 5-8 inches (where does my penis fall on this scale, lol) of the white stuff tonight.

Really looking forward tomorrow to a several hour drive to work that normally takes about 30 minutes.

Then upon returning home I find that the only tolerable way to shovel the snow is to fire up a cigar, grab a few beers and do the dirty deed. The only "problem" is when the beer starts to gel from the cold.

How do you cope with garbage weather when it has you trapped at home?

How do you survive, you ask? I load up on alcohol and pay some neighborhood kid to do the dirty work. I bought a snow blower and a shovel, I just pay someone else to use them. This weather is bullshit.

5-8 inches of man=good.
5-8 inches of snow=bad.
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