Thursday, November 24, 2005


Thanksgiving Eve Drunken Stupor

Got home last night with a very nice alcohol-induced buzz going.

Proceeded to play both ring and an SNG on Pokerstars. Usually I find playing poker while drunk to the bejesus belt is not a good idea. However, I lost the $1 SNG but made +$10 in a .25/.50 ring game. What an easy table.

With that important "task" out of the way I decided to put the laptop down and veg out to some TV.

I woke up to George Clinton playing his new song "Bounce 2 This" on the Carson Daly show.

How I have that melody stuck in my head today. It is one great tune and George obviously is still being very creative. He is one talented man.

"Bounce to this, everybody just bounce to this....

I had my Bailys & Coffee and head off to the relatives this afternoon. I think God invented alcohol so one could cope with out-of-town relatives. :-)

Those songs you wake up to stick in your head like nothing else. That's one of the reason my clock radio alarm is the buzzer and not the music.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
All gatherings that require family togetherness are 2 drink minimums for me.

I have been tanked non-stop since Wednesday. My liver can't wait until everyone leaves town tonight. She needs a break.

Add two out-of-town relative rookie SNG poker players who win most of the drunken 2:00 AM pots and you have one holiday poker drunkfest.

I am typing this with one eye!!
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