Monday, November 14, 2005


On Difficult Bosses

My last boss used to micromanage me to the point where I was livid. I never knew how to deal with it. Everything I tried failed. I wanted to present him with a pint of my blood and say, "Here is a pint of my blood so now you can manage me at the molecular level".

What is the best way to deal with a difficult boss?

Find out what is behind their need to micromanage. You have to analyze him to get to the bottom of it.

Are other employees unreliable so he has to be up their asses?

Is someone micromanaging him?

Does he not trust you to get the job done right?

I don't believe in micromanaging my people. If I have to be up their asses telling them how to do their job, then I feel that they shouldn't be working for me. I delegate and move on. The only time I intervene is when business is slow or mistakes have been made. Even then we disect the situation, fix it and move on. Micromanaging is not managing at all. It is controlling.

To answer the question, either kill him or find a way to get him fired ;).
Blonde - Sounds like you would make an excellent boss.

Gracias for the feedback! :-)
I am a great boss and I would probably sleep with you too :). Just kidding.

People that micromanage have issues. I have dealt with enough of them to know.

I don't need a lawsuit.

Not that I would sue you for sexual harrasment but rather you would sue me for being unable to satisfy you!

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