Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Hangover "Cures"?

Seeing that tonight a great deal of us will turn the drinking volume up to eleven and have killer hangovers tomorrow.....

....anyone have any hangover cures they would like to share?

My favorite is Baileys & coffee.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I start every morning off with Bailey's and coffee ;).

My cure all for hangovers are...
before bed, take 2 tylenol, eat a pack of M&M's (doesn't matter which kind) and wash it down with an entire bottle of water. You will wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks Blonde.

Baileys has saved many a mornin'.

I never heard of your hangover cure and am thinking about why yours might work. Could it be the painkiller plus sugar overload?

In any case - Happy Thanksgiving.
Hangovers are mostly brought on by dehydration.

Drinking the entire bottle of water helps avoid dehydrating.

The tylenol kills the headache before it happens.

The M&Ms keep your sugar levels leveled.

I never get hangovers because of this. I also make sure to eat something before I go drinking. Drinking on an empty stomach kills me.
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