Sunday, October 23, 2005


Steelers/Lions/Tequila/Cuban Cigars

I always seem to drink more than my fair share of alcohol after working way too many hours during the week. This was one of those weeks. 75+ hours. But I digress.

I had the pleasure of watching both my beloved Lions and Steelers rack up wins today.

The Lions benched Joey Harrington. I think the QB's in Detroit are either heros or goats and he had to take it up the @#$ without a reacharound. Anyway - Garcia looked ok but I doubt he is the answer to all of the Lion's woes.

For the Steelers it was so great to see Bettis slam defensemen around. That guy is amazing. What a joy it is to watch him.

Then for dinner it was off to a Sunday dinner party complete with Mexican tequila and Cuban cigars. Something about really good tequila and a great cigar that just makes all the "rush rush rush" of daily life take a back seat to the moments spent yucking it up with good friends.

If me grammar no be so good I me blame the tequila.

Have a good week.

Truly a great game today - woo hoo!
Good football day all around!

I love tequila too. Makes me want to get naked and dance on tables.
I couldn't bear to watch football again on sunday. the Spartan shellacking almost finished me off!
win any $$$ on your beloveds?
I made a mental note to fill my flask with tequila, blonde. :-)

Daisy - I did not make any bets this week but am in first place for the week in the Blonde's pool.

I'm having a 75+ hour week this week...and it's only fuckin' Wednesday!

Tequila makes me want to get naked. Hell, thinking about tequila makes me want to get naked.
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