Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Steeler Win

I thought I could hit the sack after the 3rd quarter. I was wrong. I could not fall asleep wondering what the Steelers were doing.

You guessed it. I stayed up to see the end of a very exciting game. I hope poor Ben's knee is going to be ok. Sure was nice to see Charlie Batch run a few plays. I liked him as a Lion and feel he got sacked due to poor coaching of the team at the time.

It looks like I did pretty good this week in the Blonde's football pool!

Boys and their football. Something I will never, ever understand.
And I will never, ever understand women.

This makes us even?

Shaken - what are the call letters for your radio station? Can it be streamed via the Internet?
eewwww...that knee shot hurt me...I can only imagine how it must have felt there on the field.
Where in Michigan are you?
Please tell me you're a SPARTAN!! (fingers crossed)
Dave, how could you not understand women? You're a pimp daddy.

I'm neither a Spartan or Wolverine.

I'm really not into college football.

Now pro football - that I love and could watch (and have) all day long.

Go Lions?!?

Blonde - It is *impossible* to understand women. And they have been know to use sex from time to time to get what they want!
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