Sunday, January 16, 2005


Steelers/Jets aftermath

Moving kinda slow since being overserved during yesterday's Steelers/Jets game at my favorite Sports Bar.

I had to have some Baileys with my morning coffee to take the edge off.

Had some friends over this afternoon to yap, eat Buddy's pizza and have a few Red Hook ESB's.

Funny but I know of several get togethers today since nobody I know is working tomorrow since it is MLK day.

Got a good Red Hook buzz going so it is time to park my butt in a chair and play some sit-n-gos at PokerStars.

My kindred spirit at WhileDrinking... is probably on his second lite beer of the afternoon - how sad!

For the record, at about that time, I was on my fifth and playing poker at the local pub while watching the game.
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