Saturday, January 15, 2005


Permission Slip

Yikes! My wife reluctantly agreed to my request to go watch the Steelers game this afternoon with my golfing buddies.

Hmm. Watch the game at home or in a cigar-friendly sports bar with my buddies?

Those of us that drink Lite do not need anyone's permission to go out with the boys. It is nice of her to lend you your beans for the night.

PS I think your prediction is dead on.
Ouch. I admit that there is a testicle lock box in my house and that I do not have the key for it.

Ouch. That "beans" comment was a real zinger. Now I will have to do a shot (hmmm - it's so cold out I may have to have Jack Daniels) to ease the pain.

Thanks for the reply!!
Jack??? WTF??? Grab the Maker's Mark!!!! Enjoy!
I ended up having a shot of Maker's Mark.

A buddy bet me a shot during the Steelers/Jets game.

I was worried that I would lose the bet but my Steelers pulled it off.

I demanded a Maker's Mark, got it and enjoyed a second cigar after the Steelers victory.
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